Christianity Explored

Christianity Explored gives you time and space to consider the big questions of life and to explore the life of the person at the heart of Christian faith – Jesus Christ.

Who should attend?

This 8 session class will take men and women on a journey through the gospel of Mark to discover who Jesus is, why He came and what it means to follow Him. Come experience the person of Jesus! This is also part of our pathway to becoming a voting member of Bethel Church. A great opportunity for everyone!

Everyone is welcome –
from the most sympathetic Sunday schooler to the convinced atheist.

Would you like to learn more and invite a friend?

Come experience anew the person of Jesus as presented clearly through the Gospel of Mark. A great opportunity for everyone!

Christianity Explored has made a wonderful website that has videos and resources for you to check out before you attend this class for the first time. Click here to check it out.

What’s Next?

We would love to know if you are coming so we can be prepared for you! Please call or email Sueann at 701.232.4476 or if you plan to attend or if you simply have some questions. Books are $5.

Here is our class information:

  • Wednesdays (Room C) 6:30 p.m. – Started September 16
  • We’re looking at another class to start in the winter months….stay tuned for details.

Questions? Call Sueann at 701.232.4476 or send an e-mail to