Care Ministries

Imagine a place where you are made to feel safe, where you find genuine friends in your darkest moments or deepest joys and where you are inspired to be all that God desires you to be. This is the kind of culture of care that permeates Bethel Church, and it’s the type of community we always want to be. That is why we work hard to raise up, from within the Bethel family, men and women whose gifts and passions enable them to be a Christ-like presence at a hospital bedside, to put an arm around a single mom, to arrange meals for a family in need, to step into a crisis with the Holy Spirit’s wisdom and so much more. Not only are there many ways you can receive intentional and responsible love and care at Bethel Church, there are numerous ways that you can give these things to others within this church family and beyond, and we really encourage you to do both.

Support Groups

  • GriefShare
  • DivorceCare
  • Family & Friends Mental Health Support Group

Bethel Care Team 

We have the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus as we purposefully and directly love and care for people in very practical ways.

  • Care Team
    • The Bethel Care Team ministers to the Bethel family through hospital, home, and care center visitation.  We deliver flowers, pray with people, and spend time with those who need love and care.
  • Meals Team
    • Provide a home-cooked or store-purchased meal for a family in need during times of stress such as an illness or hospitalization.
  • Helping Hands Team
    • Provide service through tangible expressions of help such as raking, cleaning windows, or any skill you can offer to households.
  • Funeral Luncheon Team
    • Encourage grieving families by helping prepare, serve, or clean-up after a funeral luncheon.
  • Medical Response Team
    • Trained and certified medical professionals (nurses, physicians, EMT’s) respond to medical needs in our building as they arise on Sunday mornings and during other events.

Senior Adults

  • General Care
  • Recreation
  • Fellowship
  • Discipleship

Wedding Ministry

  • Wedding Ceremony & Reception Coordination
  • Pre-marital Mentorship

On-Call Ministry Pastor

  • 24/7 Care Response by Care Ministry and Pastor


Bethel Care Ministries coordinates counseling opportunities: pastoral counseling, lay coaching, marriage mentoring, pre-marital mentoring and family and individual or couples counseling with licensed counselors.

  • Pastoral Counseling
  • Lay Coaching
  • Individual Care
  • Marriage Mentorship
  • Partnerships with Licensed Counselors


The Bethel Care Team includes staff and volunteers. We minister to the Bethel family through hospital, home and care center visitation. We deliver flowers, pray with people and spend time with those who need our love and care. We prepare meals for families in need following the birth of a baby or when physical health challenges strike.

Our benevolence fund is in place to assist members of the Bethel family who have an immediate financial need. In 2011, we had the privilege of disbursing over $37,000 in benevolence funds. If you would like to contribute to this fund, you can do so online or any time by indicating in the memo that funds should be used for benevolence.