Exhale – Bethel’s Ministry to Moms of  Young Children

Exhale is a group of about 45 women broken into small groups of 7 or 8 with one group leader and a mentor mom. Hosted by Bethel.

This year’s speakers are sharing on the “Fruit of the Spirit” from Galatians 5. Our mornings usually follow a schedule of short fellowship, brunch, announcements, speaker, discussion and fellowship until it is time to get our kiddos.

Children’s Ministry is committed to sharing the love of God with our kids while moms receive encouragement to deepen their relationship with Christ. We have seven volunteers that lead the classrooms plus one small group divided into classes as needed. Each small group serves in this ministry twice per year.  In addition to the meetings we arrange Mommy & Me outings and Mom Nights Out! Examples of Mommy and Me events include the wiggle room, fire station, gymnastics, pumpkin patch and many more! During Mom Nights Out we often meet for half price appetizers at Applebee’s or coffee for fellowship but we also have nights planned that include bowling, self defense class or some other fun kid-less evening.

Exhale meets every other Tuesday  from 9-11 a.m. in the FLC at Bethel with Children’s Ministry available for kids from 6 weeks to 5 years. If you are interested in joining, registration will be open online January 1-January 31, or contact our coordinator, Crystal Matthaei.

Exhale Schedule 2016:
January 5 & 19
February 2 & 16
March 1 & 15
April 5 & 19

For further information, contact us by email. Please pre-register ONLINE.

Bethel’s Co-op Childcare
At Bethel we are privileged to have lots and lots of young families with children just waiting to be loved and discipled. We consider these kids a gift from God and want to provide the best care possible while they are at the church. To accomplish this we develop a team of ministry partners and then supplement it with a volunteer parent cooperative, where needed. This system serves well to provide for their needs while their parents are in adult ministries. Here is how it works:

For our current ministries involving children – Sunday School, Awana, Exhale, and Women’s Bible Studies – we strive to recruit volunteer ministry partners to teach and care for the children. If there are not enough regular ministry partners available, rotations of parents benefiting from that ministry are expected to participate in a cooperative system to serve their (our) children. This is similar to many of the activities in which your children participate, where the responsibilities are shared by the parents. The Children’s Ministry Staff organizes these volunteers/parents by scheduling and supervising the children’s activities.

All our children’s teachers and caregivers are volunteers. There are no paid childcare workers for Bethel ministries that can be called upon when a need exists. We pray daily and seek out those who are gifted and called to join our ministry team. When we do not have enough volunteer ministry partners, then as mentioned above, a rotation of parents is arranged. These are the people who should be most interested in that particular ministry and most willing to serve their friends by taking their turn serving their children.

We are thankful for our community and those willing to take their turn in serving our Bethel Kids!

Bethel Kids Registration Form

If you would like your child/children to take part in our co-op Children’s ministry opportunity, please contact Delia Williams by email or phone 701.730.1956. Pre-registration for your children is required.