May 2

Prepare – Proverbs 4:23

Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.


Above everything else in life, we need to guard our hearts. The heart, in a biblical sense, is known as the center for all of life. It was known to be the place for all emotion, intellect and will. It is the hub to all the spokes of life. If the hub is not in balance the spokes will not work properly. The condition of our heart is absolutely crucial in our walk with God.

When it comes to our heart (hub) we are to protect, watch over, superintend, patrol, police, look out, look after, see after, supervise, tend, keep in view, keep an eye on, keep under surveillance, overlook, stand over, care for, keep vigil, chaperone, shepherd, oversee, keep tabs on its condition. Hopefully you get the picture! We are to take seriously our responsibility to guard our hearts against the contamination of sin.

Why do we need to be so diligent? Because as Solomon writes, “our heart affects everything that we do in life.” Everything we think and say flows out of the condition of our heart. Everything we do and the way we do it, flows from the condition of our heart. A heart that is undivided to God will result in a life pleasing to God.

~ Pastor Andy Veith


Watch and listen to “King of My Heart” by Kutless and “No Longer Slaves” by Zach Williams.