Our Staff

God has blessed the Bethel Church family with a fabulous ministry team. This group of men and women are uniquely gifted and experienced, bringing together a wide scope of experience and training to equip the Bethel family for the work of ministry (Ephesians 4:11-12).

We value your prayers and your encouragement. All of us pastors and directors, administrative assistants, receptionists, building services crew, technical support staff and others are here to serve. Our greatest desire is to help you know to Jesus deeply so you can live for Him with joy and purpose.

You can reach our staff by phone at 701.232.4476 or by e-mail.

  • Andy Veith

    Senior Pastor
  • Gary Siefers

    Senior Associate Pastor
  • Jonas Bundy

    Connections Pastor
  • Steven Dunkel

    Student Ministry Pastor
  • Craig Johnson

    Disciple-making Pastor
  • Allison Schmidlin

    Bethel Kids Director
  • Loree Veith, MA, LAPC

    Counseling & Bethel Women Director
  • Verona Winkler

    Care Ministry Director
  • Rachelle Allen

    Event Coordinator
    • Wanda Arnhalt

      Administrative Assistant to Global Outreach
    • Gretchen Barker

      Worship Ministries Event Coordinator
    • Dale Carlson

      Facilities Team
      • Sueann Chase

        Administrative Assistant to Connections Ministry
      • Brennan Coslett

        Event Technician
        • Emily Dockter

          Administrative Assistant to Student Ministry
        • Sarah Dunkel

          Student Ministry Associate Director
        • Curt Eriksmoen

          Facilities Team
          • Jean Frueh

            Traditions Coordinator
            • Michael Gehrtz

              Technical Director
            • Megan Hagel

              Communications Specialist
            • Tracey Hallstrom

              Administrative Assistant to Bethel Kids
            • Amy Hashbarger

              Associate Director of Bethel Women
            • Sam Hauge

              Facilities Team
              • Glenn Heinsch

                Upward Sports Director
              • Kirsten Hestdalen

              • Erin Hill

                Event Coordinator
                • Karissa Hochstetler

                  Kitchen Ministry Coordinator
                • Marly Holmquist

                  Worship Ministries Intern
                • Tracy Holwagner

                  Administrative Assistant to Discipleship Ministries
                • Beret Huck

                • Tim Jaycox

                  Event Technician
                  • Laurel Johnson

                  • Stephani Karges

                    Administrative Assistant to Women's Ministry
                  • Callie Laska

                    Administrative Assistant to Worship Ministries
                  • Ramona Leiseth

                    Administrative Assistant to Care Ministry
                  • Diana Lind

                    Children’s Ministry Sunday Supervisor
                    • Jason Moats

                      Facilities Team
                      • Brandon Olson

                        Facilities Team
                        • Connie Peterson

                          Care Ministry Chaplain
                          • Joel Peterson

                            Worship Ministries Resident
                          • Bob Possen

                            Care Ministry Chaplain
                            • Judy Possen

                              Receptionist / Care Ministry Chaplain
                            • Shelley Rector

                              Administrative Assistant to Senior Pastor
                            • Nancy Rossland

                              Event Coordinator
                              • Wayne Rutten

                                Maintenance Technician
                                • James Sayler

                                  Facilities Team
                                  • Marisa Solberg

                                    Event Coordinator
                                    • Bruce Welgraven

                                      Facilities Manager
                                    • Kels Westra

                                      Event Technician
                                      • Delia Williams

                                        Bethel Kids Volunteer Director
                                      • Kristine Winston

                                        Office Director
                                      • Aaron Zinter

                                        Choir Director