Bethel Students Clothing Guidelines

These guidelines apply to all Bethel Students trips or events outside of Bethel’s Fargo or Kindred campuses. Students & parents are responsible for ensuring that clothing follows the below guidelines before participating in a trip or event.

All dress must be modest, in good taste, and not offensive to others. Please use your judgment, and respect Bethel Students’ staff and leaders’ judgment, in addition to the below guidelines. If you have any questions about the clothing policy, feel free to ask a staff member.

Tops: All tops should have adequate cover-up, without being too revealing (no cleavage, midriffs, bra straps showing). No inappropriate words or symbols.

Shorts/Skirts: All shorts/skirts should have adequate cover-up with little to no upper thigh showing. Underwear should not be visible.

Tightness: Leggings/exercise/yoga pants are allowed if shirt covers to mid-thigh.

Swimwear: We require females to wear one-piece swimsuits or tankinis (no midriff showing), and males to wear trunk-style swimsuits.

If students are found to be breaking any of these rules, they will be asked to change in to appropriate clothing. If they do not have appropriate clothing with them, they may be supplied with a Bethel Students shirt, or a parent may be contacted to bring them appropriate clothing.