Carisa Hendrickson


Four years ago, I relocated to Fargo from Minneapolis for a career opportunity. I was excited about this adventure, but my new job included extensive, frequent business trips to remote areas of the western U.S. As a single person, I invested a lot of energy and time in my work, and feelings of isolation quickly followed.

A few years into my job, I finally had the courage to reach out and open up about these frustrations and discouraging emotions. I confided in Christa St. John about feeling disconnected. I longed to attend church services weekly, participate in worship ministry, and volunteer, but the combination of work travels and honest apprehension kept me feeling very stuck. I prayed that I would follow the Lord’s lead and remain hope-filled during a challenging season of trusting and waiting on Him.

The Lord recently orchestrated a new career position for me in Fargo that doesn’t involve any travel obligations. I am extremely humbled by how He generously provided for me, and with this new found time, I decided to attend a choir rehearsal one night at Bethel. That very first night, my heart was overflowing with thankfulness for new friends that welcomed me so warmly into the worship ministry. I’m growing in Christ more fully by journeying alongside new dear friends in the Bethel Church family and in the Jail Chaplains ministry.

As I become more connected, the Lord continues to show me that ministry is such a communal experience. His plans are good, and our concerns and struggles are all important to Him. I truly believe He opens up beautiful blessings from the deepest aches and difficult adversities. Fellowship in God’s family multiples our love and compassion for one another!

“Wait for the Lord. Be strong, and take heart, and wait for the Lord.” Psalm 27:14