Chuck Crary

This is a second trip to Mozambique for me, and the second time around I was more aware of what I would see and experience since I had been there before.

This time my daughter Natalie went with me. She has been out of college for two years and was available to go on this trip with me since she is in between jobs. Her main priorities were to serve, minister to, and love on the orphans and caregivers there as they give so much. Natalie’s heart was so impacted that she wound up staying behind for two more months to minister to the orphans and caregivers.

As a parent, I have prayed for my girls to grow and experience a vital faith of their own, and this seemed to greatly impact Natalie. She saw the very daily and desperate need that the Mozy missionaries have to depend on God and observed them relying heavily on prayer and fasting.

Watching her reach this new level of awareness of God’s work and provision was a highlight for me as her father! Though she has traveled before, and also done so with our family, this trip proved to be very powerful and life-changing for her.