Elizabeth Williams


I have come to view walking with God as a Grand Adventure, although this was not always the case. I accepted Jesus as my personal savior at the age of 15, but I did not grow in my faith much as I did not have the support of God’s Word and fellowship with other believers. It was not until I went through an excruciatingly painful divorce that I found myself on my face, begging God to help me. I told Him I would go anywhere and do anything if He would deliver me and my three young children from that painful situation. God came through far beyond all I could ask or imagine. God helped me navigate single motherhood until He brought a prayerful, godly man into my life. Paul had been through a similarly painful divorce and was left to raise three boys of his own (yes, it sounded familiar). God told Paul he was going to be the prayer support for a woman in ministry, so he waited and God delivered. Paul and I have now led Divorce Care for many years at Bethel. A few years ago, I felt God calling me into a deeper relationship with Him and calling me into another ministry. This calling was confirmed through family members and close friends. At first I thought the calling was to minister to teens, but the group never really materialized.

Then I shared my story with Pastor Matthew and told him to let me know of any ministry needs I might fill. Pastor Matthew led me to Jail Chaplains. The ministry of Jail Chaplains was in need of a female chaplain. At first I was very hesitant, but because I trust Pastor Matthew, I proceeded. Jail Chaplains sent me to the Institute of Prison Ministry at Wheaton, Illinois, and today I am installed as the female chaplain for Jail Chaplains. I am very glad that I followed God’s leading. Each week I have the joy of sharing Jesus with women who have led difficult lives and have made bad choices. It is a tremendous privilege to be used of God to share His good news to captives in need of freedom. As it says in God’s Word, we are to share the comfort we’ve been given by God with others. I am so grateful God has given me the opportunity to share His comfort at the Cass County Jail.