Greg and Kimberly Ough

Prior to starting the Financial Peace University program at Bethel, my husband and I struggled with our finances.

I actually thought that payments were normal and we would always have them. Finances were the biggest thing we fought about, though. We often wondered how it would affect our checking account if we bought that DVD or went to the movies. I absolutely hated living like that.

We started reading a little of the Total Money Makeover in the summer of 2010, but we didn’t follow it exactly.  Then Pastor Matthew announced a new series called “Momentum” and we were quite intrigued! Bethel often announced the different classes for FPU, and week after week we would see them in the bulletin.  Every time I saw or heard an FPU announcement, something would tug at my heart telling me we should attend. Greg didn’t feel that way at first, but then I expressed my feelings. Over time we discussed it and found a way to make it work.

Greg would attend the classes and come home and go over the homework with me. It was a tough journey, but I just knew it would eventually get us there. Anything extra we received, such as gifts and tax returns, ALL went to paying down our student loans.

We started the program at Bethel in October 2010, and as of June 2012, we had OFFICIALLY paid off $30,000 of student loans…GONE!!! The ONLY thing we have left is our home mortgage. By the end of fall, we should have our emergency fund pretty well funded. It was a HUGE blessing to participate in FPU. On top of our huge accomplishment, I don’t remember the last time we fought about finances! It really is a newly found freedom!