Greta and Zoe Bundy


honduras-kidsGreta Bundy

It was fun to watch my 10 year old daughter Zoe just operate on her own like the rest of us. She was a champ. We did not have much time to sleep and it felt like we were in a big rush sometimes, but she never skipped a beat. She was an awesome teacher and comedian in our VBS classes, she helped paint a small part of the school and she entertained groups of kids that followed her and chanted her name, “Sew-eeeeeh”! She needed a break sometimes like the rest of us, so she’d sweep what little sidewalks they had or she’d pick up garbage around the school yard. The principal of the team said, “It was awesome to watch Zoe connect with the kids at our school. Even though they speak different languages, Zoe was really able to connect with the kids. Please come again and bring Zoe…and bring more kids!”

zoe-and-girlZoe Bundy

Going on this trip it made me realize that I really can do anything with God. I grew way deeper in my faith with Him. I would like to return and see what He would do there again. I just felt honored to be a part of 167 kids accepting Christ. I was also really blown away at the poverty there, and how much people rely on Jesus for everything, and how in America we sometimes take it for granted.