Jordan & Lydia Gerber


No one imagines their journey will include losing a child, but that is exactly what Jordan & Lydia Gerber faced. In the midst of grief, they put their hope in the Lord and trusted Him to take that burden to find true rest for their souls (Matthew 11:28-30).

Jordan & Lydia welcomed twin girls, Rachel & Lauren, into the world on October 8th, 2016. After a traumatic delivery, the girls were born at 31 weeks, weighing 2 lbs., 13 oz each. Rachel had a severe heart defect and passed away at only 8 days old. Although they wished at the time for a different outcome, they were able to witness the hand of God at work, miraculously, in every detail. God comforted them with His promise of eternity, knowing that Rachel was with Jesus. And while they had no strength of their own, they found it in Him (Psalm 73:26).

After bringing home Lauren from the hospital, the Gerbers made the decision not to have any more biological children. Still, Jordan & Lydia felt the desire to grow their family one day – somehow. Through prayer and the desire to love and care for more children, they were led to foster care.

Gerber_FamilyThrough foster care, God has guided the Gerbers to walk alongside families and children to help meet their needs. Jordan & Lydia said, “God has allowed us to see the brokenness of this world” – the brokenness in all humans – and our desperate need for a Savior. They both agree that they would not have been able to open up their hearts to foster care if it wasn’t for the deep pain they endured.

Their story began with a traumatic pregnancy, delivery, death of a child, and many unanswered questions and uncertainties. But on the other side of grief, Lydia said, “God used the mess.” He proved to them over and over again that He was faithful. They witnessed first-hand God use tragedy for His glory.