Kathy Sande

kathy sande copyI had a heart-touching experience while volunteering with Samaritan’s Feet last month. My heart was filled with love and yet broken at the same time for one particular person.
Kathy&MicahAt first this gentleman declined having his feet washed. I asked him again telling him it would be a blessing for me and he said that I could. As he removed his socks, I noticed deep scars on the fronts of his legs and his feet were deformed and worn. My heart ached for what these feet have been through and my mind wondered about his story.
My helper went to get this gentleman his new shoes and came back with a pair of black ones. I noticed his expression change and he said he hoped to get a pair of white shoes. He said Jesus turned his heart from black to white and he wanted his shoes to reflect that. We were happy to find him those white shoes.
When I finished washing his feet, I asked him if I could pray with him. However, he said he wanted to pray with me instead. I know this Samaritan’s Feet shoe distribution day blessed many people, however I feel I was blessed more than anyone.

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