Ken and Wendy Manzella

ManzellaWe had everything, or so we thought…a beautiful Cape Cod home with a 24 foot hearth fireplace, two cars, two sons, and a great job working for the government.  We were living the “American Dream.”

Even so, after nine years, my wife and I still had many unanswered questions. Though we shared many years together, we still asked, “Is this all there is? Isn’t there more to life?  Would things be different if we hadn’t gotten married so early?”

Then tragedy hit our “perfect” family. There arose arguments, separation, extra marital affairs, and finally divorce. The house was but a memory, its contents divided between us or sold. Our frequent fights were over finances, visitation time with our children, and who was at fault. This carried on for over three years, while we both tried to figure out why our marriage went so wrong. We sought peace, comfort, and answers through alcohol, drugs, affairs, and relationships.

One day I found the answer, not from family, psychologists, drugs, alcohol, or any other source. Someone told me what God had to say in his Word about marriage and life. He quoted scriptures like Matthew 19:6. What touched me most was when this person quoted Mark 11:22–25. “Have faith in God… if anyone were to say to this mountain, go throw yourself into the sea, and not doubt in his heart, but believe what he says will happen, it will be done for him. Therefore whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it and it will be yours.”

My life was such a mess; the last thing I wanted to hear was how God could change things. But my love for Wendy and our boys gave me the spark of faith to believe God for a miracle. Salvation came to me first, and then Wendy after she saw the changes in me. We remarried a year later.

God has taught us many things from this experience. We were searching or something in this world that would give us the satisfaction we longed for but could not find. We found it in Christ Jesus.  He gave us peace and joy as we allowed him to restructure our marriage. God blessed us with two more children after we remarried.  Our children are now married with families of their own and walking with the Lord.  It is now 27 years the second time around. Thank you, Jesus.