Levi and Beth Ball

 To say it was a surprise when we found out we were expecting our second child would be an understatement. To also say we were happy would be a lie.

We had just moved to Fargo, had no family or friends, and remembered too vividly the postpartum psychosis Beth experienced after our first son was born. But, we leaned on God and prayed for community like we had experienced in our other hometowns.  We knew the importance of the community of Christ, and how vital it was to us as Christians.

Shortly after our Growth Group started meeting together, Beth was admitted to the hospital for gallstones while 7 months pregnant. Levi was working full time and going to school – and we had a 4 year old boy that needed our care.

Our small group, no matter how inconvenient it was for them, completely pulled together and carried our family through the next 3 months. Everyday Beth had someone at home with her to just visit, clean, or watch Ayden. People took Ayden and let him stay the night so Levi wouldn’t miss work, and they loved him as their own. We had meals delivered, and most importantly, we were being lifted up in prayer daily. No matter how hard it was for them, my sisters and brothers in Christ got up and served our family.

I remember being worried we would overstay our welcome and that their love would stop, but over a year later it’s still there and stronger than ever. We are truly more like family- we’re raising our kids together, we share our messiness and troubles with each other, we confess, we repent, we speak truth in hard times.