Michael and Michelle Heitland

Maggie got sick in June. It was her first cold. No big deal, but it turned into a series of very high, unexplained fevers.  After three months of fevers and weight loss we scheduled an appointment with our doctor who ran some lab work.  The doctor called and informed me that Maggie’s lab results were very concerning, and she had referred her case to a pediatric oncologist. She wanted us to meet the oncologist as soon as possible.

We immediately contacted close friends for prayer and support and then rushed to the hospital. The doctor informed us that he suspected Maggie had a neuroblastoma (a tumor), and he would need to run additional tests to confirm.  More labs were run and came back inconclusive so she was admitted to the Children’s Hospital for further testing. We were met at the hospital by a pastor and elder, and we all prayed specifically that Maggie would be healed and just have some random virus.

Maggie was admitted after a series of tests where the radiologist saw a mass in her abdomen. After a full day of testing, he said we could go home and he would call in the morning with results. We were quite certain that we would be going in for surgery Monday to remove a tumor and start chemotherapy.

We requested prayers from friends and family all over the world. It was amazing the peace we felt through all this. The next day the doctor called and said they couldn’t find anything. There was NO mass! We knew that God was healing her! The doctor found that she did have pneumonia and was now thinking Maggie had Cystic Fibrosis, so we needed to go in for more testing.

As we awaited the results of all the tests, we continued to pray and trust that God was healing her. When we followed up with our doctor some two weeks later, we were informed that they could find nothing wrong with Maggie. He had no explanation as to why her labs were so high but thought perhaps it was genetic. He really didn’t know, so he wanted to run another series of labs and get a baseline chest x-ray in case her symptoms came up in the future.

When he contacted us with the results, he confirmed what we already knew. God had healed her. All of her labs came back normal and the CDC confirmed a diagnosis of mono. Maggie was healed from the tumor and mass the doctors originally suspected she had. We praise God for answered prayer!