Sarah Fern Stanley

This past August my husband Mike and I had the opportunity to travel with two others, Chuck Crary and his daughter Natalie, to Mozambique, Africa. Our mission was to serve our friends at Rubatano Ministries.  Rubatano is a group of about 90 Mozy men and women volunteers who care for the sick, the orphan, and the widow. They serve the least of these in three different communities: Gondola, Amatongus, and Nhamatanda. While in Mozambique, our team was able to see and even drink the cool, clean water from the four wells provided by YOU through Advent in Action! It’s hard for us to grasp the significance of these wells in the lives of the Mozy men, women, and children, but it is HUGE!

Many people in African nations spend up to 8 hours each day retrieving water for their families. Everywhere you look as you walk the dusty trails of Mozambique, you see women and children hauling water. Most balance the full yellow jugs on their heads, some carry them in their hands, and others attempt to balance these containers while peddling a bike. It’s a huge job but must be done daily for the people to survive. Much of the water from streams and other sources in Mozambique carry diseases and bacteria. It causes more harm than help to the people. Imagine having only contaminated water to offer your children.

The four wells are now in place and are significantly impacting the daily life of thousands of people from the Amatongus and Nhamatanda communities.  On average, each well provides water for over 1,000 people! Women can now fetch clean water for their families and a travel a much shorter distance to do so. The money you are giving towards Advent in Action is truly changing lives.

The woman at the well in John 4 went to fetch water. Instead, she encountered the only ONE who could give her living water. This is our prayer for the people of Mozambique! As the water need is met through the wells we dig, we pray the Mozy people will experience the love of Christ and that doors will be opened for Rubatano and other believers to share the living water that comes from Jesus Christ alone.