Sunday School Volunteers


Story compiled by Christa St. John

About 3 1/2 years ago, Pastor Gary Siefers (Senior Associate/Pastor of Children’s) and his wife Cheryl started a resource volunteer ministry. This group of ladies has a lot of fun getting together to sort and organize curriculum for the children’s ministry. I have noticed their fun and fellowship for quite some time now, so I decided to ask them about their involvement with this weekly group of joyful servants. Here is just some of what I heard:

“What keeps me coming back is the fellowship and getting to encourage each lady weekly.”

“I have taught Sunday school and Vacation Bible School, and realize how time consuming preparation of material can be. It is satisfying to know we are relieving the teachers of some work so they can continue to teach the boys and girls at Bethel.”

“After I retired….I wanted to become more involved in volunteer things and I wanted it to be here at Bethel. I came the first time with a friend and have been coming ever since. I enjoy getting to know new folks ….I am thankful for each one who gives of their time on Sunday mornings and am happy to make things easier for them. And all the while I am the one being blessed!”

“After being home bound for several years due to health issues, I wanted to meet new people, make new friends and give back. I’ve gone to church here since 2005 and I didn’t really meet anyone till I started to volunteer. It is a great way to get connected!”

So – if you ever wander through Bethel’s building on a Thursday afternoon, you just might hear these joyful servants as they fellowship and serve the Children’s ministry so faithfully!