Tim and Tess Nelson

Tim and I met in grade school, and we were high school sweethearts. We had extreme highs and lows as we dated, but our love was undeniable. However, we were always seeking earthly wonders, living empty lives.

After dating four years we unexpectedly got pregnant, and all of our focus was now on our new baby. It was as if he became our god. We spent eight months preparing for his arrival. Dominique David Nelson passed away just as unexpectedly as he came. He was a stillborn, and the grief is still overwhelming, sometimes unbearable. It felt as if our everything was gone.

Hungry for healing, we went with the only Christian friends we had to a play called, “Heaven’s Gates and Hell’s Flames.” We watched a family be reunited in heaven with their young daughter who had passed before them. Although I had accepted Christ into my heart at a young age, I sincerely renewed my commitment to Christ, and Tim gave his heart to Christ Jesus! We were saved! It was in grief that God would breathe true life into us.

We married, bought a new house, and our life was renewed! Three months later we were given the opportunity to become foster parents to three children and quickly accepted, not fully knowing the struggles ahead. These children were emotionally strained, physically damaged, and immensely needy. But we couldn’t do it alone; we needed God to heal these children through us. We realized as new Christians, we still felt so ill equipped to raise children. God was again bringing us to a breaking point. Fully surrendering, we prayed for the Father to take full control, and we gave every piece of our lives to Christ. We were on fire for God!

Shortly after that, we found out we were pregnant again. We wanted this baby so badly and prayed fervently for his health. While our foster children returned to their mother, I was five months pregnant and lost our second child, Timothy Robert Nelson. Giving birth at the hospital this time was different. The room was full of the Spirit, and we were able to draw even closer to God.

Although our children’s lives were short, each had a purpose on earth that was undoubtedly fulfilled. Jesus has since healed us from all varieties of addiction, bondage, and devastation. Only by His grace were we made new. God is so amazing! He took our brokenness and redeemed it. We now love the Lord and grow deeper in His love every day. Praise God!