Rearview Mirror

With a forward view to the future whatever that may hold, we take great comfort in the God who transcends time; the God who is already there. This comfort is amplified time and again in Biblical accounts of His faithfulness. It is also amplified with personal testimonies from those who have walked with the Lord before. It is with the future in mind we invite you to take a tour through the common heritage we share at Bethel church as chronicled in a series of articles entitled “Rearview Mirror: Looking Back as We Move Forward.” Many thanks to Bob Lind as he authors this series.

This series seeks to document the history of Bethel church in monthly features that highlight significant milestones and individuals who shaped the early development of the church and provided the groundwork for what we enjoy today. Of course, the only true foundation to the Church is Jesus; but just like His disciples He chose to work through people to accomplish His will.

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