FAQs for Living Above and Beyond

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the goal of Living Above & Beyond?
Over the next three years we would like to eliminate our current debt of 2.3 million dollars. Pledge dollars received will go toward principal payments on our loan. Once we eliminate our debt, any additional pledge dollars received will go toward building cash reserves.

Why eliminate our debt now?
Aggressively reducing our debt flows naturally out of the Momentum initiative we began in 2010. Since 2007, over 500 families have taken Financial Peace University (FPU) and we see this as being consistent in wanting to reduce debt and build a cash reserve for the church. Cash reserves will not only provide for emergency needs but also allow us to better respond to ministry opportunities that we cannot foresee today.

Will Bethel Church ever go into debt again?
Our commitment is to have a strong bias toward having little or no debt. We are hesitant to say we will never have debt because we recognize the next generation of elders and pastoral leaders may discern debt as an appropriate way to achieve the mission of the church.

We’ve been attending Bethel for only a short time. How can we help?
Thank you for calling Bethel your church home! You can help in two ways: first, prayerfully consider participating in Living Above & Beyond. Second, pray for Bethel leadership. We desire to lead and manage everything He has entrusted to us with excellence so we may honor God with all we say and do.

We are a young family or may not have the budget to give in significant ways. How can we help?
After praying, if God leads you to participate in Living Above & Beyond, please know any gift is significant! It’s not the amount but your obedience to Him that pleases the Father! Your gift, combined with hundreds of others, will help us pay off our debt quickly and save thousands of dollars in interest payments.

How do I give to Living Above and Beyond?
Even if you’ve not pledged you can still give online or write a check to Bethel designating “Living Above and Beyond” or “LAB” on the memo line.

Why do we pledge our giving?
A pledge is a commitment to give to the best of your ability from today through December 2014 when the campaign officially ends. A pledge is not a binding contract but a simple statement of intent.

I have more questions, who do I talk to?
To talk to one of our pastoral team members about Living Above & Beyond, please call Shelley Rector at 701.232.4476 or contact her via email at shelleyrector@bethelfc.com.