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“A Tale of Two Kings” Part 1

The Nation of Israel is divided between the Northern Kingdom, Israel, containing 10 tribes and the Southern Kingdom, Judah, containing only 2 tribes, Benjamin and Judah. Of the 20 kings of the Northern Kingdom, not one of them worshipped God and subsequently they were wiped out by the evil Assyrian Kingdom in 722 B.C. Judah also had 19 kings and 1 queen, which ruled them from 931 B.C. to 586 B.C. Of the 19 kings & 1 Queen, ONLY eight Kings worshipped God and “did right in the eyes of the Lord.” 3 successive kings of Judah served and worshipped God; Kings Amaziah, Uzziah, and Jotham. While the 3 righteous kings ruled over Judah, Judah was a prominent, powerful and righteous nation who served Yahweh. The next king of Judah was Jotham’s son, Jehoahaz, also known as “Ahaz the wicked.” In only a 16 year span of King Ahaz’s reign as king of Judah, Judah quickly fell from prominence, power and privilege. King Ahaz worshiped the Caananite gods, Baal, Asherim, and Molech, but he did not worship the God of Israel, Yahweh. Swiftly, Judah was conquered by evil foreign nations thus causing Judah to lose hundreds of thousands of soldiers slain in battle. Judah had to pay tribute to evil foreign nations, and Judah’s economy, morality, and sovereignty were destroyed, all because of a wicked leader who rebelled against God.