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“A Tale of Two Kings” Part 2

For 16 years the Judeans have NOT been allowed to worship God at Solomon’s Temple because of King Ahaz’s evil laws forbidding it. As soon as Hezekiah is declared king he immediately recognized that Judah’s problems and sorrows were due to the fact that Judah had failed to worship God because of his father’s evil policies and laws against doing so. King Hezekiah, a faithful, devoted man of God, reverses the ruined nation of Judah by consecrating and rebuilding the nation to serve Yahweh. King Hezekiah removes the idols from Judah, restores and consecrates the Temple of God and then rebuilds Judah’s mighty military, leads the people to worship, trust, and firmly stand, as a unified nation, to God. Because of King Hezekiah’s pious and bold righteous leadership for Judah, God blesses Judah with prominence, power, wealth, and consecrated hearts. Because of King Hezekiah’s mighty prayers and example of Righteous leadership, the Judeans repent, seek forgiveness and return to worshipping God. God in turn protects Judah and defeats the 185,000 man Assyrian army thus liberating Judah from tyranny. Judah is now the envy of the Middle Eastern world!