One Step at a Time

Adults have tremendous influence on the children around them. Little people love to behave and believe in a way that makes big people proud of them. As a parent or significant adult in a child’s life you might question whether the influence you have on a child matters at all. It is good for us to take time and remember that our efforts of investing in the next generation will produce a fruitful legacy. Each generation is a product of the last because everyone leaves a legacy. Have you thought lately about the kind of legacy you want to leave? We can be pretty sure that we won’t drift into leaving the kind of legacy we most desire. For us to make the most of our legacy, we will have to make intentional movements in a direction that honors Jesus. You don’t have to be a mom or dad to have this kind of impact. Everyone has a home. Everyone has influence. You can do this. Use your influence to leave a legacy that counts.