Rekindled @ Home

Several times a year we focus on a topic that will be helpful to the families who call Bethel Church home. This Sunday we are remembering that God created marriage for His glory with the goal of Christian marriage reflecting Christ’s love for His bride, the Church. God still calls some to remain single so they might serve Him with greater capacity (1 Corinthians 7). These two concepts are being challenged on all fronts. Like those in Jesus’ day our culture and our enemy work against God’s plan. Today, many trust the Lord as they wait for Him to provide a godly spouse with hearts tired at the prospect of another year alone. Still others regularly are reminded of pain caused by a marriage gone wrong. In spite of all the bad that we see around us and even because of all that pain, we take time today to remember God’s design and God’s plan. God created men and women in His image. Today’s message reminds us that God desires for us to live out the pattern He established of faithfulness to Him and faithfulness to our spouse. We’ve included Rekindled @ Home brochure with very practical ideas for families to put this teaching into practice.