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Celebrate the Gifts

All who are in Christ have received spiritual gifts for the purpose of building up one another in love. Paul wrote in his letter to the Corinthians that we are like a body with different parts that need one another to be healthy. No part of the body can say to another, “I don’t need you.” We are not all the same. We need each other if we are to grow in love. There is unity in diversity. When we discover how God has gifted us, we are set free to serve with joy knowing that we are a part of the greater Body of Christ; a much needed member to help us grow together in love. Serving in your gifts provides great satisfaction knowing we are doing what God created us and gifted us to do. We want to celebrate the gifts God has given to us in the Bethel family and fan into flame this stewardship of gifts so that more and more we become like Christ, together.