Created to Complete

We were created, male and female, in the image of God (Gen. 1:27); something unique only to humans (2:7). Being in God’s image means that humans share, though imperfectly and finitely, in God’s nature, that is, in His communicable attributes, i.e., life, personality, truth, wisdom, love, holiness, justice and relationship; and so have the capacity for spiritual fellowship with Him.  In His creation, God intended husband and wife to be a spiritual, functional unity, walking in integrity, serving God, and keeping His commandments together.  Adam and Eve complemented each other; what man lacked (2:18) the woman supplied, and what she lacked he supplied. This ultimate expression of this relationship is “one flesh,” the complete unity of one man and one woman in marriage. This exclusive and safe oneness of flesh highlights the significance of sex and sexuality within the context of marriage. Sex and sexuality is a precious gift, provided for from the very beginning of creation.