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Hidden Sin Causes Collateral Damage

The army of Israel, under the new leader, Joshua, pulls off a stunning victory. Miraculously, Jericho’s fortified walls had come tumbling down. God’s army, by all indications, appeared invincible. Enemy nations trembled as they cowered behind their city walls. God’s instructions had been communicated only too clearly: “keep yourselves from the things under the ban,” Joshua 6:18. The sin of one Israeli soldier, who was tempted to sin and who took treasure from the destroyed city of Jericho, treasures “under the ban,” created a malestrom of collateral damage that affected the Nation of Israel, the army of Israel, individual soldiers of Israel, 37 families of Israel, but more importantly it negatively impacted the reputation of the God of Israel to the surrounding nations.
Definition of Collateral Damage ‐ “collateral damage is unintentional damage to things that are incidental to the intended target. It can refer to the accidental or unintentional damage or destruction to innocent people.”