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Hope to Overcome our Fears



An unsuccessful invasion of Judah by Aram, Syria, and the Northern Kingdom of Israel led to a continued reign of

fear in the heart of Judah’s king, Ahaz. God used His Royal Prophet, Isaiah to deliver a message to King Ahaz of reassurance that the invading kings would not prevail over Judah. God spoke to Ahaz and asked Ahaz to “ask a sign for yourself from the Lord your God; make it as deep as sheol or as high as heaven.”

Ahaz refused to ask God for a sign and chose to deal with the invasion in his own human way rather than trust God to deliver Judah from the invading armies. Therefore, God chose His own sign, whose implementation would occur far beyond Ahaz’s lifetime. God gave Ahaz the greatest prophecy of all time, the virgin birth of the Messiah, Immanuel, God with us!