Reputation vs. Relationship

Review: In Mark 2, fasting for the Pharisees and John’s disciples had
become a weekly voluntary effort to demonstrate piety to all they encountered.
When Jesus’ disciples didn’t join them in the fast, it created an opportunity for
Jesus to point out how radically different the Kingdom of God was advancing in
their midst. With Jesus there is no desire of self-seeking showmanship. To be in
the presence of Jesus and to fast is as ludicrous as to be at a wedding and fasting
as if the bridegroom wasn’t even there. In Jesus, there is joy. The practice of
weekly fasting was an expression of sorrow or repentance that had become an
outward sign of spirituality. The crowd and their question indicates they are totally
missing the point of Jesus in their midst. A time of fulfillment and radical
movement in the Kingdom of God is upon them. Jesus tells them in no uncertain
terms that salvation through Him must not be mixed with the old system of selfseeking