Your Spiritual Journey

All of us on are on a spiritual journey. When we hear Jesus’ call to follow Him we are given an opportunity to respond in obedience or to reject Jesus. When Jesus called his first disciples in Mark 1:16-20, they responded immediately and completely leaving behind much of what they had known. Along the sea of Galilee Jesus says to Simon and Andrew, “Follow me, and I will make you become fishers of men.” Embedded in Jesus’ call is the idea that Jesus will be creating through His followers a new kind of people who will participate with him in the rescue of those who are perishing. The sea was known as a place of judgment and fear. The people who are in the sea are destined for judgment and Jesus sets His followers to the urgent task of rescuing the perishing. No longer would the men strain to catch fish with nets, now they will strain and labor to remove people from eternal destruction by offering them new life in Jesus.