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Jesus: Some Stories are True

People love stories. Our world is full of great stories. Stories exist to entertain and to inform. Stories help us make sense of what happens around us. With all of the stories we tell, it is important to remember this Easter season that one story rises above all others: the story of Jesus’ resurrection. Jesus’ resurrection changed everything.
After Jesus was crucified, Joseph of Arimathea took His body and placed Him in a family tomb. The tomb was sealed with a large stone to keep people and animals away. Three days later, you can imagine the panic when two women burst into the room to report to His followers that Jesus was missing. His body had disappeared. The grave clothes were left behind. The stone was rolled away. He was gone!
Several unconvinced disciples jumped and ran to the tomb to see it with their own eyes. Just as the women reported, they discovered the stone rolled to the side and the left behind grave clothes. Two angels announced as they approached the grave that Jesus was no longer there.. Jesus was gone. Jesus had raised from the dead. This story is still changing lives today. Jesus is risen; He is risen indeed!