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Keep Rejoicing

Paul’s final words to the Philippians resonate in our world where so many are consumed with worry and anxiety. His command to rejoice at all times in all circumstances seems impossible until we realize the condition of the man who wrote these words. The church in Philippi started as one of the most unlikely small group in the world when God opened the hearts of a wealthy woman, a trafficked little girl, and a hardened jailer (Acts 16). Paul often recounted how this small group became one of the most encouraging and generous supporters of his missionary activity. This group of people was used by God to spread the good news of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth. Just as the church started with difficult circumstances, Paul found himself writing from a jail cell encouraging the church in Philippi to rise above their circumstances with a thankful heart, rejoicing in what God had done. Their rejoicing in God would demonstrate they were surrendered to God’s will whatever the circumstances. It was this rejoicing that would lead to hearts transformed and set free, guarded by a peace that surpasses all understanding.