As ministry partners for a number of years, Paul knows his friend Timothy very well. In his last letter to Timothy, Paul reminds him to not become ashamed of the gospel or of Paul’s imprisonment. Nowhere in the text does it suggest that Timothy is embarrassed, yet Paul knows his friend well and doesn’t want him to succumb to the pressure from those who believe Jesus is simply a dead Jewish rabbi with nothing to offer. Paul and Timothy have given their lives to spreading the good news that Jesus has come to save the lost. Now in prison, Paul’s chains may give occasion for some to doubt or fear. Paul and Timothy signed up for this mission and want it to be clear to all that Paul is not simply a prisoner of Rome. He is a missionary who chose to go to Rome in chains that some might believe in the good news about Jesus. Paul reminds Timothy of their commitment to Christ, to one another, and to their ministry. In the same way, you and I can remain committed to Christ, to one another and to the ministry He has given us despite the suffering we may experience.