Names and Nails

Paul’s summary thoughts at the end of 2 Timothy include a lot of names. Wherever Paul was, he made friends and got to know the people in the community. Paul knew many people and many knew Paul. In his final letter to Pastor Timothy, those names represented people who had served with Paul, people who had deserted Paul, people who had encouraged Paul, people who had ministered with and to Paul for years. When we think of Mark we remember how Paul didn’t care much for Mark at one point in Acts but now we see they are trusted ministry partners in Kingdom work. When we think of Demas we remember that at one time he was a trusted team mate and now we see the love of the world has captured his attention and he left Paul. Some of the names listed in 2 Timothy 4 are familiar. Some are only listed here. Each name represents a person whom Paul cared enough about to share the story of Jesus’ life given for them. Some responded with love for God, others with love for the world. Through it all, Paul remained faithful to share the good news of Jesus.