Now Hiring: All Available Applicants Accepted

Last week we learned to be to be strengthened in the grace of Jesus as illustrated by the faithfulness of a soldier, athlete, and farmer with an eternal perspective. We express this by passing on our faith to those who will also be faithful. Paul further illustrates faithfulness with the image of a worker, a vessel, and a servant. In each, Paul emphasizes that God uses the one who is available to do His work. Just as a worker should do his best to present himself as one who is approved, without shame, so too should the Christ follower work to handle the Word in such a way that she is not ashamed. Just as some vessels in a large home are created for special use, so too are followers of Jesus set apart to be used by God for His purposes in this World. As the servant is available to serve the purposes of his master, so too the follower of Jesus must be available to serve God in such a way that honors Him. The values of the servant must reflect the values of the master. God has created you and me, rescued us from sin, and set us apart to do His work in such a way that many will be rescued from the snares of the evil one. The rescued become the messengers for the rescuer. As ones who are available to God, we are privileged to share His love with those needing rescue.