Soldiers, Athletes, Farmers, Eternity

For the church in Ephesus to survive, Pastor Timothy’s strength had to come from the grace found only in Jesus. Under intense persecution, Paul was making it clear that suffering would be a normal part of life as a follower of Jesus. Suffering did not need to mean that one was unfaithful. Quite the opposite, to suffer for Jesus was and is normal. Under the suffering we must not be ashamed but willingly submit to the suffering believing the best about God and His plan of redemption for mankind. While others were turning away from the faith, Paul remained strong and encouraged his protégé to join him. Guard the deposit of faith, retain the standard of sound words were just a few of the things Paul taught Timothy. Here in chapter 2 Timothy 2 we see Paul commanded Timothy to find his strength in Jesus. The illustration of soldier, athlete and farmer help us  see how life can be lived in obedience to God through the strength we find in His Son.