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Be Reconciled to God

Have you noticed that the holiday season brings out the best and the worst in families? Commercialism magnifies the sense of pressure on parents and friends to buy more and more each year. Images of the perfect family gathering, remind us that often our gatherings often aren’t so perfect. Media bombards our homes with stories of happiness if only we would purchase the right gifts, take the right vacation, and experience all the world has to offer. God sees our broken relationship with Him and others and has offered a path that can bring hope and healing this holiday season. In light of the pressures the holidays bring, our best response is to remember what God has done for us through Jesus and remember whose we are. You and I can make the most of this holiday season because of who we are in Christ. In Christ, we are made new. In Christ, we don’t have to perform to standards we can never meet. In Christ, we can joyfully share the message of Christmas knowing that God is bringing about the restoration of broken relationships; first to Him and then to others.