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Blessed are the Beggars

For too many people, they are seeking to satisfy their deepest desires with things that don’t last. By nature and by experience all of us seek to be satisfied by desires that leave us utterly empty.  The first step in finding the only satisfaction that will last is turning to Jesus by admitting you have a sin addiction and need help. We must constantly remember that we come to God with nothing to offer. Our efforts to do good fail to measure up to God’s holy standard. The lure of sinful thoughts and actions are too much to handle on our own.  We discover in the person of Jesus a path to true righteousness in Him. Like a beggar in need of food, we come to Jesus to satisfy us. The only one who can break our sin addiction is God. In Him we find freedom to no longer be controlled by the power of sin. Christ in us is powerful to overcome. We come to Him with nothing and receive from Him everything we need for life and godliness.  Our response is one of availability; repenting from our sin and turning to Christ so that He might work in and through us.