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Six Freedoms for Former Slaves

Matthew recorded the greatest sermon ever preached in Matthew 5-7. Often called, “The Sermon on the Mount,” Jesus’ first public message reminds us that our relationship with God is based on grace through faith. Jesus is clear that we enter the Kingdom of God as beggars needing a handout. He is also clear that as members of His Kingdom, we are called to be salt and light to the world around us. Building on Psalm 34:8, as we taste and see the goodness of God we will reflect His love to others. That reflection of love requires we live according to Jesus’ value system. The values of God’s Kingdom stand in stark contrast to the ways of the world. Our study will focus on six ways Jesus teaches His values stand in contrast to the ways of this world. We will seek to answer the question, “As members of God’s Kingdom through relationship with Jesus, how should we then live?”