The Terrible Price of Fellowship

Daniel, now over 80, was elevated to third in command of the Babylonian Empire on the night of King Belshazzar’s death, October 12, 539 B.C.  The co-king of Babylon, Nabonidus is on the run fleeing the Persian army; this leaves Daniel as the sole ruler of the now defeated Babylonian Empire. Because of Daniel’s vast experience, wisdom, sense of history, leadership, good reputation, ability, attitude and clear revelatory powers from the God of heaven, the king of the Medes and Persians, King Darius (Cyrus) elevates the Jewish slave, Daniel to a high government position of the Persian Empire.  Racked with jealousy and hatred of this Jewish sage, the Persian aristocrats seek to ambush Daniel and plot to have him executed. The deceptive stroke of the king’s ego, declaring himself a god, becomes an irrevocable law that anyone worshipping anyone other than the king of Persia would be a death penalty.  Daniel’s uncompromising pattern of prayerful faithfulness toward God, morning, noon and night, causes his arrest and subsequent death sentence. Daniel is tossed into the pit with hungry lions but God saves him and brings glory and worship to Himself.