Naomi and her husband, Elimelech, a Bethlehemite and aristocrat, move to Moab due to a famine in Judah. Living in Moab about ten years Naomi suffers the death of her husband, Elimelech and her two sons leaving her with two Moabite (Non-Jewish) daughters-in-law. Naomi had now accumulated a great load of personal grief. Her husband and two sons had died before their time. She was a stranger in a foreign land. If their family name were to carry on, there had to be an heir. But with no sons, Naomi was left without hope. Feeling God has dealt bitterly with her (Ruth 1:20-21) Naomi returns to Judah with one daughter-in-law, Ruth. Back in Bethlehem, Naomi now impoverished and dependant upon the charity of Jewish land owners tries to scratch out a living in Bethlehem. Naomi is a life willing to trust God through many deep hurts and trials. God, in His providential, compassionate care and grace, turns Naomi’s tragedy into a radiant joy, emptiness and sorrow into fullness and rest!