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Parenting and the Credibility Crisis

Israel’s second leader, Joshua, has died at the age of 110. The Nation of Israel strains to find a new leader like Moses and Joshua who will lead them in their new homeland. During the challenge to discover God’s new leader to lead Israel, it is discovered that the new generation of Israelites are NOT familiar with the LORD or His amazing and miraculous works while leading the nation of Israel. The first people (Israelites) in the Promised Land had vivid recollections of all the miracles and judgments and were devoted to faith, duty, and purity (Josh. 24:16-18; 31). The new generation of Israelites were ignorant of the experiences of their parents and yielded more easily to corruption. Training children in righteous living is not developed through osmosis, it requires intentional parental spiritual investment. Obviously the generation who witnessed the mighty works of God in forging and developing Israel as God’s nation failed to invest those miraculous narratives and spiritual truths into their children thus leaving the new generation ripe for corruption and idolatry of foreign gods.