The Cost

Too many of us are surprised when the price of following Jesus suddenly costs more than we imagined. In Mark 6, we see that Jesus, His disciples, and John the Baptist all paid a price in proclaiming the Kingdom of God. Jesus’ neighbors and closest friends discredited the work he was doing on the basis that they knew him as one of their own. They refused to believe He was Messiah and were offended by the thought that one of their own could be God’s plan for all of humanity. As Jesus left his home town he marveled at their unbelief. Following that encounter, Jesus sends out his disciples in pairs to preach a message of repentance and bring healing to the sick and demonized. The disciples were trained to expect rejection as a natural reaction. The miraculous healing and casting out of demons soon captured the attention of Herod. This gives Mark the perfect opportunity to flash back and interject how much John the Baptist paid to follow Jesus. For all of us, Mark wants us to know that even when the sacrifices feel too great, following Jesus is worth it.