Moses: Nothing is Wasted

Have you ever wondered how God will use the broken places in your life to accomplish His purposes? Moses stands out as one who experienced many instances of God showing up to rescue and redeem the messy parts of his life. At birth, Moses’ life was spared when many Hebrew babies were killed. He grew up under the shadow and in the care of Pharaoh’s court. In a fit of rage, believing he was standing up for the righteousness of God, he murdered an Egyptian. That murder began a 40 year season of living away from the comfort of Pharaoh’s court in the desert where he would find himself serving his father in law and spending lots of time alone in the wilderness. From this context, Moses recounts the faithfulness of God in Psalm 90. God doesn’t waste our experiences. He uses them to grow us and accomplish His purposes.

  • Moses reminds us that life is short, like a breath. When have you been most aware of the brevity of life?
  • How does Psalm 90 sound a lot like Genesis 1-2?
  • Where else in the scriptures do you see this “steadfast love” mentioned like we see in Psalm 90:14?
  • In light of Romans 8:26-39, how is the example of Moses an encouragement for you to keep following Jesus?
  • Psalm 90:13 is a cry for the Lord to end the suffering of His servants. Are there areas of your life where you cry out to God that He would end your suffering?
  • Pick one of the verses such as 90:12 or 90:14 and commit it to memory this week. Place it on a note on your mirror or in your car where you will see it and remember the faithfulness of God.