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SENT to Represent

In a world that tempts us to worship everything but God, it is good to remember that our salvation is found only in Jesus. All around us are men and women who have been duped into believing that chasing the American dream will bring them happiness. All around us are people who are hurting because their hope for joy is placed in temporary pleasures. If you have received the good news that God sent His Son to rescue you from the darkness of this world and provided an escape through the grace of God in Jesus, you are now His ambassador. In trusting Christ, you are identified with Him in His mission. Just as He was sent to rescue you, so now you are being sent to participate in the rescue of others. You carry with you a message of hope, forgiveness, grace, love, and joy in Jesus. While the world races head on toward destruction, Jesus invites you to join Him in the rescue of others. Kent Hannestad reminds us that our SENT to represent Jesus.