“Beware of the Leaven”

For the Pharisees demanding a “sign” none would be given. Yet for those close to Jesus they had just received two “signs” in the form of bread miracles. Jesus fed the five thousand with five loaves and two fish resulting in 12 small baskets of left overs. The second miracle occurred when Jesus fed four thousand with seven fish resulting in seven large baskets of leftovers. As Mark records the journey of these early followers of Jesus we learn how quickly the disciples missed the point of Jesus’ miracles. With “signs” all around them, they failed to see Jesus as Messiah. Their hearts were dull. When they could have recognized Jesus as the bread from heaven (John 6), they instead argued over how in the world they would find a meal with only one small loaf of bread to share among 13 men. Mark’s telling account provides an opportunity for each of us to consider if we have missed the reality of Jesus in spite of the “signs” He has given us through His life, death, resurrection, and assentation.