To See Clearly

As Jesus and His men made their way away from the NE side of the lake they entered into Bethsaida. Bethsaida was once a sleepy little village now grown by the influence of the Romans. The mix of Gentiles and Jews provided a great opportunity for Jesus to teach about the Kingdom of God. It was in this same area where Jesus sought refuge having fed the 5,000 in Mark 6. Andrew, Peter and Philip called Bethsaida home. In so many ways, Bethsaida had a front seat to the ministry and work of Jesus. Regrettably, Bethsaida is also the place remembered for their rejection of Jesus. Matthew and Luke record how Jesus honored their rejection of Him. In spite of the crowd within Bethsaida rejecting Jesus, one man sought out healing for his blindness. Jesus took the man’s hand leading him out of the village and healed his blindness, giving him sight to see clearly. To the reader, this story serves to demonstrate the lack of faith on the part of so many and how Jesus alone can bring sight to the spiritually blind just as He did for the physically blind.