“He Does All Things Well”

In Mark 7, Jesus and His disciples enter back into the world of the Decapolis seeking rest from their busy ministry. It was in this same area that Mark records Jesus delivering a man from a legion of demons and those demons being driven into a herd of pigs. In chapter 5, the people were so stunned by Jesus’ work and so disgusted at the death of their pigs they drove Jesus and his men away. The one delivered from demons went back into the cities and told everyone about what had happened. Now, when Jesus returned to this area, a small group of men beg Jesus to heal their friend who cannot talk or hear. They know that Jesus is a miracle worker and they want so badly for their friend to be healed of being mute and deaf. Jesus directed the man away from the crowd. Through a gentle touch and a loud command, the man’s ears were opened and his tongue was loosed. The crowd was stunned beyond measure and rejoiced at seeing Jesus display His power in such a significant way.