Bethel Students

In the Middle Of Your Mess, God is Writing Your Message

May 1, 2016

So often we look at the mess of our lives or the mess of our world and fail to see God. This week’s message brought to us by Bethel Student Ministries will remind us that right in the middle of our mess, God is writing our message. We will see through a clear presentation of the Gospel from Romans how God has rescued us from the pit of darkness and offered us new life in Jesus. We who are created in His image have the privilege of sharing His good news with others and seeing our lives transformed as well as the lives of those with whom we share. Allow God to write your message in the middle of your mess.


May 3, 2015

On Sunday we were privileged to hear from six of our student leaders as they shared the Good News of Jesus by working their way through the entire Bible. They used an acronym G.O.S.P.E.L to help us remember: God, Our, Sins, Paying, Eternal, Life.  The message reminds us that the message of the Bible is that God the Father sent His Son that by the power of His Spirit we may have eternal life with Him. Our study will help us dig deeper into these ideas and give us an opportunity to practice sharing this message with others.